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At LifeCore our networks are current and confidential. Our relationships are integral to the way we connect our clients to the people they need. They’re built on trust, honesty and heritage, and they’ll deliver for you.



The business of delivering health outcomes requires talent, knowledge and experience. The business of delivering good people demands the same. There is no substitute for experience, and we’ve built ours since 1994.



To stay competitive you need to stay agile; and if you need to keep moving, then so do we. We’re as comfortable breaking new ground as we are re-tracing our steps; it’s the result that counts.

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  • Orthopaedic Implant Sales Specialists.
  • Cardiology sales.

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An exciting future

At LifeCore Consulting we’ve recently celebrated our third birthday. We’ve now moved into our fourth year and what a superb year it’s been! A huge thank you to all our customers, candidates and clients and we look forward to a New Year of continuing to provide the very best specialist medical recruitment services to new and existing customers.…



Feedback is a gift. Really?

Feedback is a gift. I’m sure you’ve heard this old saying many times before. You may even have said it yourself to a bemused listener. So, what sort of a gift is feedback? I’ve been given lots of feedback, some great, some life changing, some average and some given, I suspect, because it made the giver feel better.…



Honesty is the best policy

There is one saying that I think resonates more than ever in the competitive job market and that’s ‘honesty is the best policy!’ I have lost count of the number of times I’ve seen a CV that has an ‘omission or two’. Candidates have left jobs off because “they were only a short period of time”, or “they…



What’s the big secret?

So this is the scenario, I speak with a new candidate who is looking for their first or next role as a Medical Sales Specialist, we discuss their career, expectations and get an initial understanding of why they are looking for a move and what they would like to consider as career options. We arrange…



Who’s watching who?

Let’s face it LinkedIn is a great tool for networking, connecting to likeminded professionals who want to be better informed. I often wish I’d thought of it but like all good ideas someone got there first and I congratulate them and thank them for a great piece of work. I’m also proud to be a…



Recruiters – we’re not all bad

You may agree or disagree with me on this one, but TRUST me not all recruiters are bad! Well not every single one. I have worked with many recruiters at all levels and I can genuinely say that most people that enter the world or recruitment medical or otherwise generally do so with good intentions,…