Full body regeneration: closer than we think?

I read yesterday how a company has perfected the artificial arm (or the Bionic arm?). I remember Steve Austin the Six Million Dollar Man – what a legend, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do once they had rebuilt him. Well the article explains how the arm is in many aspects inspiration for products like these are…


New smartphone app helps doctors study X-rays more accurately

A group of medical consultants in Belfast have got together with IT specialists to create a mobile app that can identify if a doctor is making mistakes when interpreting X-rays and can help them to develop their skills. The training tool, which is the first of its kind in the world, can also identify areas of…


Robodoc: will human surgeons ever be replaced by robots?

Picture the scene. You visit the hospital for your pre-op appointment a week or so before your surgery is scheduled. When the consultant comes in he gets straight down to business and starts explaining how the procedure will work. So far, so normal. Then you do a double-take. You pinch yourself. You seriously think about…

virtual arm

Virtual arm eases phantom limb pain for amputees

Imagine how difficult it would be as a patient to learn that you need to have a limb amputated. After having come to terms with that trauma, and undergone the necessary procedure, imagine then living with constant chronic pain. Unfortunately that is the case for a large number of amputees with up to 7 out…